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19 Aug 2019

Is a Good Cry Really Good for You?

New research sheds light on the value of shedding tears for your well-being. By Susan Krauss Whitbourne Ph.D. After a difficult day, sometimes you can’t wait to get home, grab a Kleenex box, and let all

18 Jul 2019

Study finds transgender, non-binary autism link

Gender identity clinics should screen patients, says lead author of new paper New research indicates that transgender and non-binary individuals are significantly more likely to have autism or display autistic traits than the wider population

8 Jul 2019

Neglected Causes of PTSD

People w/ Psychosis, Other Delusional States, or Autism Are Also at Risk Chris R Brewin, Emeritus professor in Clinical Psychology, Freya Rumball, Clinical psychologist, & Francesca Happé, Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

17 Jun 2019

Prediction Models for Suicide Attempts and Deaths

A Systematic Review and Simulation Bradley E. Belsher, PhD1,2; Derek J. Smolenski, PhD, MPH1; Larry D. Pruitt, PhD1; et al Key Points Question  Have advances in statistical modeling improved the predictive validity of suicide prediction algorithms sufficiently to render their predictions actionable? Findings  In this systematic

1 May 2019

Different for Girls: Understanding Autism

Girls with autism are often misdiagnosed, but a new graphic novel aims to put them in the picture At secondary school, they become the “leftover girls”, drifting, alienated and often miserably lonely because the other